Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Could your mind heal your life?

Thoughts and your life

Good morning to all of you in the GMT +1 !!! Just woke up and thought about a guy that I've met several months over a year ago, that have brought famous Louise Hay's video - You can heal your life and he gave me probably a biggest lift up in my life till now. Imagine that a guy that dropped by a recommendation, came to you to type his final work for Institute, he suddenly gets into speaking and we were agreeing with our revelations about how life works, so he suddenly gives his USB to me and tells me - copy this, copy that, this will teach you about thoughts, there are more confirmations about that, and so on.. I was so impressed with the video of Louise, that I've been watching it for more than 4 times till now and I can't still get bored of it, or that patterns become more connected in my mind.

I've been writing a diary for many years, because I couldn't have found any of same-thinking persons of my age than, and when I pomp onto her video, all of a sudden I saw pretty much similarities in her thinking with mine. Also, I've got her first quotations with symptoms of diseases connected with opinions in our mind, from a massage lady from Hungary, which have been carrying that book with her :) and when I saw video, I have recognized those words ;) 

People say that you get to know things when you are ready for them, and I've been preparing myself for years toward these views and knowledge - soon the perfectly packed product won't be the main and high priced thing as the production-consuming society wants to persuade you - it will be as it have always been, the knowledge of perceiving things the best way that suits you. If I have been enough bold to take my happiness in my hands why wouldn't you do so? Am I better than you? ...?

Sometimes in your life you get to know your potentials in very tough situations, like the very last stage of disease, the moment in which your child or relative are in danger, when you come face to face with a death. There are many people that came back changed, after confronting with death. Why would you wait that moment? You can start right there, right now just with changing the way of your perception. Feel free, enjoy your day, your rituals like drinking coffee, being in a bath tub, swimming in the sea, let love enter into your heart but don't close her like a gold fish ;) let her feel free, to grow, and than give it to any thing you know, because, it's all energy. You are energy, water is energy, sun is energy, Earth is energy. You think that this table or computer you are watching on, are still things? No they aren't! They're made of atoms, atoms never stay still, they have impulses, they have energy, walls have energy, your skin, mind, and thoughts! There you go.. so invisible and so powerful!

I challenge you!
Before you go to sleep, say a prayer in front of a glass of water, slowly like to a dearest friend and than drink it. Than wake up and tell me in my comments what have you been dreaming or how do you feel ;) why do I challenge you?... ?
I will explain tomorrow as I have to go now.. :) Muahh!
Remember, I love you and wish you the best!!!
That glass of water could heal your life!

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