Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Life in past 100 years..

If you watch your family tree (or if you don't have a clue about yours, than your friends or someone's else family tree) you will see that 3 generations behind. No matter the depth, everyone could take in common sense the period of 100 years ago and look at them respectively. Our grandparents have lived their lives practically and more than 80% of them - without electricity, being focusing their lives on agricultural or maritime life styles, feeding and growing cattle or chicken in order to feed up their families or/and cousins.. And yet they had to manage the nurture of their kids. 
Nurture was written mainly in 'The Holly Bible" which is the one of 15 translation that have been approved by Vatican. It is well said that there are 10 greatest clues of living your life properly. If you break them, you are than marginalized by society and you can't live a life without 'scar' weather in mental or physical way. But sometimes, you need to make things radically, to break those rules and when society finds it out, they make you pay for a mistake whenever it is mentioned as a clue in judging of who you are. But you aren't like that. You are a divine manuscript of God's and as one, you are not redundant. So back on Nurture patterns, which are lasting more than 100 years. They last for centuries, but what have made them somehow too short for our living and growth?

The way of living, industrialization, exponential growth of human individuals, hunger for comfort or food.. the way that we see ourselves in our lives, as productive individual that have to do main things, such as: nurture, education, getting a degree, having a relationship, marriage, giving birth to a children, nurture them, educate them, watch them getting married, having grandchildren and having enough money not to end up in debts.. All of that in a rush, by the rules and timing of BIG TICKLING CLOCK which says - It's 8 o;clock - you are late!; You are 30 years old woman - you will be late for giving a birth!; You have 40 years and haven't finished a university? Shame on you!.. How come that a small tickling thing you have been waking up with - could say such a horrible things to you? Are you late? No!

You are right on time to break the chains of 'time engagement' and to say to that tiny voice that you have time for everything which is really true. 
Our grandparents loved to do everything on time. They have been dependent of time schedule and they didn't have a clock in their house. They have been leading themselves by sun and the stars. And does sun exit or fades away at the same time every day? I don't think so ;) So when the clock says it is 8 sharp everyday, it is for him, but not for you ;) and there is a pattern of time - a universal pattern of time, which is more consistent than a clock.
So they gave that knowledge to their kids that had to live in the time of industrialization that have potentially mislead the use of time, making it dependent of clock's parts of day. No matter the sunny day or a cycle of energy in that day - you used to live up to that working hours no matter what, that made you turn of the sense for exploiting the day on right manner. 
A persons fulfilled day isn't yesterday or one TO COME, it is today.. if you choose to fill it with emotions or regrets pointed on yesterday or being afraid of yourself not being good enough tomorrow, you can do it or else..? OR else, you can look on the surrounding watch your family smile, or anyone's else smile, don't envy, let it touch you, feel good about it.. communicate and love it, because by loving others, you show love to yourself, and the fruits of that love will come to you. 

Watch it and follow the leads, that is the way how I have begun to understand things.. :) 

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