Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Heal your life with positive thoughts

Heal your life with positive thoughts

Positive thoughts as main way to start big step - heal your life

First of all, when waking up, no matter if you are feeling good, or smashed, because you had some expectations driven your mind last night, before heading towards getting up, take a minute. Think of some nice moment that will make your day begin on 'right foot' , whether it's a cup of nice smelling coffee that someone is making to you, or a set of 5 Tibetans exercises, a lovely plant that is expecting you in a kitchen or a nice sms, before all of that, feel the joy of your body by stretching up in your own bed ;)
Telling to your body that you love him as it is, will help you gather most precious strength for next moves in your day, whether they're essential or just normal, your body always give you the best, and restoring that connection with it, if you just take a moment to think of your body as your biggest support, in movement, in living, nourishes your energy and magnetic shield will be strong ;) 
heal your life

Love is the key in everything, so BEGIN YOUR DAY WITH IT!

Positive thoughts at the end of a day helping you to - heal your life

Announcing happiness in your life, begins with the very end of your day. Before going to sleep, a man should consider resting and preparing himself for a kind of a ritual that will make you, rest and sleep better. Most of us come tired home and just pomp on a bad, instantly falling asleep, and tomorrow morning we are awaking like we had some tough alcohol party going in out mind. Why is it so? It is a revenge of your kind servant - your body, saying 'hey, you haven't paid attention on me last night, so there you go!' . Even if you haven't took a shower, a considerable 20 seconds of calming yourself down when entering the bed, and saying thanks to your body that had enough strength to support you in tough working hours, would mean a lot more than a shower to it. So, pay attention, try this thing for a few days and tell me how do you feel when you wake up, For those that don't know what they would say to their bodies or how should they feel, imagine that your body is a lovely bottle which is clean and full of clean fresh water from a spring, which contains lovely yellow or red or blue flower that is shined with rays of sun light.. all those vivid colors, freshness, strength and clear water will calm you down, make you smile and just stay that you are safe and that everything just works fine for you, and those thoughts of which you are starting to agree more and more with every night, will heal your life, make you sleep better and rise sooner and feel better ;)

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